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is the Angry Birds Space HD
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Angry Birds Space HD


is the Angry Birds Space HD
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Flash Game
Description: Angry Birds Space Edition is a new game, emitted in the absence of gravity affect birds, the track is completely straight. Once asteroids gravity attracts, will be a corresponding trajectory of the birds occur changes, and increased space scaling and drag feature, click on the + or - button to zoom space. Tap and hold the left mouse button to drag around the screen space, vast space will glance; Green Paper Pig with facial expressions, such as sleeping, pig Well, the danger comes, will be exposed afraid of color. In this game, the red bird in accordance with the forecast trajectory, after launch black bird hits an object or click the mouse to explode, bluebird launch after a small mouse click can be divided as three birdies against expanding the scope and triangles purple bird after launch, click on the mouse you can change the trajectory of a direct hit any target. This Game submits score without refreshing the page. Game Keys 

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