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My Wife Help

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Posted 30 March 2018 - 12:03 PM

I hope you are well I send you a link for a petition for my wife to share a max and especially sign thank you in advance





I hope to the translator is good 



Little News Yesterday she had a cervical Irm we should have the results on April 5 at the Neurologist.This was very hard indeed without physio it deteriorates very quickly and becomes painful soon she will even be able to go to the exam. Today the nurse came to give the bath and we learned that she had been demoted A package so the nurse could only wash her and could not help me put her in the bath luckily she helps me in depth and continuing sent salted report to the mutual.Moi I'm exhausted it must all stop it needs the medical bed-the bath seat we need the apartment to be renovated and cleaned up at the instead of having to put pure essential oil diffuser everywhere every day. It's decided I'm going faster because no press or show does not help me it's the social house that will support me because there we approach the irreversible so before the red alert we will go much further with no assistant to people in danger for her and me. My wife is 90% disabled. In addition she is incontinent and wears nappies refusal of the package for incontinence ben yes we wear swaddling for fun do not you think it's a shameful aspect for a woman to unveiled that.And for braved any problem of fat at time and it goes easily day and night 8 to 10 times a day to the toillettes or I must transport it.And me helping close 160H per week attentive day and night.However must stay polite, zen and keep it angry in So thank you for reading me and signing, sharing and making the necessary weapon buzz in my fight against the unreal.
My life would be too long and for that I write a novel telling it and then it does not matter the only fight that counts is that for my wife victim and now finds himself disabled 90% beat me I will do until the end but until my forces will go since at present my day is administrative papers and 4/5 times to take care of my wife. Before telling you must know that it is in full stop since August 1, 2016 and that in December 2017 we still thought the Mutual she worked halftime with 90% of disability all this because the records goes from a medical adviser to another and that his doctor passes over neurologist or other specialist. And especially that a small part of agreement and right one was accepted only since January 1st 2018. Between September 2017 and January 2018 more entry or very little and therefore accumulation of nonpayments etc ...... .. but I stop there this little focus because first and out of all that it is the health of my wife who counts and if we touch that anger increases in me and by all means I try to channel it. Last thing before the story January 1, 2017 attending doctor retired and he found a great replacement contact live pass unfortunately on October 28, 2017 we learn his suicide and therefore new trauma for my wife she who since childhood has had for her so count new doctor advised by our former doctor from November 2017 and very sweet my wife hangs ouf. His ordeal 1st August 2016 fall due to vagal discomfort on the floor of the kitchen lost knowledge of two minutes SOS Doctor it was Monday night to see him the next 48H00. The next day our doctor comes to the house to see the loss of spontaneous memory and small cognitive problem no headaches despite a very big bump MRI application Cerebral appointment not taken before October 31. From August 1st to October 31st, 2016 There Waiting for MRI frequent check of the doctor and as I did homework schools for primary school children I work with my wife for that memory but finds that reading and writing is deteriorating in she sleeps a lot and can only concentrate 10 to 15 minutes 31 October MRI still has no report or invoice. After October 31, 2016 Our doctor is worried fatigue increasingly strong iron loss, idea visit his gynecologist and there the chopper falls. Uterus too wide, Fibroma 10 cm and blood, Ovary sick and 2 cyst so we will know that it is benign later no choice hysterotomy complete his gynecologist still using the opening system that gives a large scar it gives us to the surgeon who uses the system by simple small holes Hospital From Friday, December 16, 2016 to Friday, December 23, 2016 near the lost Yes twice in my life I passed close that the mower comes to pick me but never I thought that my wife could fall there or she would never have gone. 5 minutes and I found on the machine without more hope to find her smile again. Friday, December 16 operation hysterotomy complete 6 hours phone she asks after me we bring her back to the room (even
me floor) time spends 2 hours after I see her come back seems weak but her smile comforts me Saturday, December 17 my treating doctor comes to see it before me in the morning and asks a follow-up to the surgeon he will receive thankfully. I arrive around 13:00 and I see my white woman very pale by chance I see the surgeon who left until Monday and there he tells me everything went well you can leave with it if you want there I said no Saturday Monday if you want but not a Saturday especially after so much time of general anesthesia. Oki we'll see you on Monday then. Around 15 hours she must pee the nurse comes up and I see that she walks barely and especially with help and always finds very pale then look at his sheet and see that it is stained with blood. When the nurse comes back I ask him to take his blood pressure and shows him the blood she tells me it must be the small pocket that pierced his belly not stupid I told him the little pocket seems full but please take the tension. She runs once twice and becomes so pale I ask her what is happening she tells me 7 of tension there I said what and see the sheet again that is filled with blood but has 7 we fall into the comas ( the incredible strength she had to stay awake the probably save) I go out and go to the head nurse I tell her what's going on and her answer was you're neither nurse nor surgeon so let us do . I go back to my wife and I tell her I'll stay close to you there she answers me no go you look at the end goes to rest you need it we see tomorrow phone when you come back. Once back I phone her she responds with a smile you're worried they come and bring my medicine and then I sleep good night my love tomorrow. The next day a nurse comes to me and tells me your wife is saved, I say yes she had a haemorrhage a viscera burst in the abdomen and she had to be operated urgently she still had the incredible strength of us to say do not warn me to let me sleep at first we thought to put it in the intensive care and saw the bleeding it is played at 5 minutes it is on machine after 8 hours of operation the worst was avoided. Black day for me some medical mistake but she was alive so how to attack a hospital. The rest of the stay 4 extra pockets of blood and exit from the Hospital on Friday No detail nothing loses reports no control exams no bills and so on For fear of having to go back to the Hospital again The Blood Control Suite by attending physician and other surgeon and other hospital, bad blood and severe lack of potassium to take urgently so she came out with blood in poor condition. I spend the administrative battles the days I did not eat so that she could eat initially only liquid for several months. Current situation For my wife Health Cognitive deterioration relearn to read - Write - Memory close lost therefore to work Bad Frequent everywhere Muscle mass practically nonexistent Wheelchair Problem as it is Claustrophobe at 100% when examination job of the rollator a mutual car comes to look for it and after it pushes hard the rollator and to go upstairs it holds the ramp I hold it and it goes up step by step Incontinence wears swaddling exams coming up MRI Cervical - Scintigraphy - Colonoscopy - esophagus - examination of memory and cognitive etc. ... we look for the cause so impossible to give a name of disease or the cause of all that. Current agreement had Nurse Bath 2 times a week we put two to put her in the bath Family help 2 hours cleanings - 2 hours help My wife for memory etc .... by little children's games Kiné twice week until 6/02 explanation further Total 8 hours out of 1 week that is 168 Hours So 160 hours for me Financial and administrative Self-help me near administrative agent and Banking takes care of my priority wife Buying drugs Administrative paper Finances And fighting for what she needs Mutuelle pays disability 16/18 handicap Third-party agreement Close to unemployed help for me 286 euros month because obliged to ask for exemption Lighthouse agreement Received Expect Accord Bim Accord incontinence Disability service agreement Application for heavy pathology of the neurologist of 250 sessions of Kiné refused so more physio because without refund impossible to pay by kindness this one comes again 1 week free but we feel although since the 6/02 it is deteriorating From here also the Letter to Maggie remain unanswered and the Angry Man I ti because my wife is the woman of my life it is my princess it is my everything I hold because I like his courage, his morale, his smile despite the pains I hold because I love life especially with her But anger how to channel it even for me who am anti-violent Projects And yes despite all that I have plans for us Complete refurbishment of the apartment hoping the agreement of the lighthouse Contractor ok estimate ok agreement owner ok Discount to certain standards for the ease of my wife in the apartment an occupational therapist comes on March 5th Discount to the standard of electricity by my owner new electric tray etc. More help with means to pay them because 160 H week for more than a year prevents me all things My Projects Finish my Roman Independent project to show young people that we can play non-violent games and society together on a simple forum plus games invented by myself Libraries and other libraries are very interested and if it brings me that 500 euros month at least will be more than unemployed and I would work at home near my wife And the biggest project push my wife to heal and be able to resume the path of the work even if it's twice a week and even if it is worth 3 years or more for that And she can resume her hobby ie retouching photo with Photoshop and graphic presentation games from my forums Conclusions Just a man who loves life who loves the world and his difference just someone who calls to be listened to. Thank you for having read me Anquinaux Guy If I do that it is for you my love and all those in this case and the home helpers full of love you will understand later when you're healed I adore you.

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